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Investing implies buying and selling of securities such as shares, mutual funds, bonds etc. the task of buying and selling is carried out through an investment broker who acts as a middleman. The broker must be authorized and must have a license to carry out the trade transactions. The market where the trading of securities takes place is known as a stock market. The various companies that want to indulge in trading need to be listed on the stock market or stock exchange. The public listed companies offer their shares to the public for subscription.


By subscribing a share one becomes a pInvesting First Timeart owner of that company on the basis of the number of shares owned by him. The companies also give out dividends to the share holders. Dividends are given out of the profits earned by the company. There are two major ways of earning money out of the investments. One way is when the value of the share increases. This is called capital growth. Then the other way is through dividends. The more is the number of shares in a company, the more is the amount of dividends received by the share holders. This is known as income investing.


There are two types of share markets. One is the primary market and the other is the secondary or stock market. In the primary market, only the newly issued securities are bought and sold. Whereas, in the secondary market the already existing securities are traded. The secondary or stock market is a lot larger than the primary market. One should also realize the fact that dealing in the stock market is a risky affair. And it is considered better to invest in shares of a bigger company as they are a safer option due to their credibility, higher profitability and large dealings. The smaller companies are however somehow less trustworthy and they also earn lesser profits. A lot of people are also attracted towards bonds and pension funds. But they offer less return. The rate of interest received by dealing in bonds is very less. So, investing in shares is a good option. The returns are better and the rate of interest is higher.


It does not matter whether one starts at an early stage or at a later stage; the most important point to be noted is that one should be aware of their financial objectives and goals. One cannot just vaguely enter the investment business. One should have the right motive and a proper strategy while entering in the world of investing. There are a lot of investments. And one should choose the one that suits him. Like mutual funds are suitable for persons who want a relatively higher return with comfortable amount of risk. Retirement investment is a good option for the ones who want to secure their future. The earlier one starts investing for their retirement the better it is. Then there are certificate of deposits also known as CD’s are for the persons who want a long term guaranteed return. The CD’s offer constant growth and they are considered a safe way of investing your money.


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